Acupuncture is one of the 5 branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It consists in the insertion of disposable filiform needles in specific points or areas of the human body. It’s an art whose first records date from about 200 BC.

Throughout the human body there is a network of channels connecting the various organs and structures. These channels are known as meridians and it’s where the acupuncture points are located. According to the TCM there is a flow of Qi in the meridians that is supposed to be continuous and fluid. Disease arises when this flow is disturbed.

Acupuncture allows the regulation of the Qi flow through the acupuncture points enhancing the body homeostasis and allowing a state of balance and health.


According to a World Health Organization report, Acupuncture is indicated to:

Neurological disorders
Respiratory disorders
Digestive disorders
Blood disorders (e.g. leucopenia)
Urogenital disorders
Gynecological disorders
Cardiovascular disorders (hypotension, hypertension)
Mental and Psychiatric disorders
Pediatric disorders
Sense organs disorders
Skin disorders